Insurance Valuations


We at Trinity Goldsmiths are very proud of our resident valuer!

As a Fellow of The Jewellery Valuers Association, Mr Graham Price FJVA is highly respected for his knowledge in all areas of the jewellery trade. He actually lectures in old cut diamonds to his peers.

Our clients are increasingly asked for insurance valuations by their insurance company in order to have items fully covered in the event of loss or damage. An JVA valuation is recognised throughout the insurance industry with valuations being automatically uploaded to a secure website for the insurance company to access. This ensures total peace of mind to our clients that their jewellery has not only been comprehensively valued but also there will be no argument with the valuation.

A valuation for insurance is a very complex and long-winded process. Each stone has to be measured and graded. In the case of branded goods, contact is often made with the manufacturer, the premise being that, should the worse happen, the item of jewellery could be replaced exactly.
In addition to the comprehensive notes, our insurance valuations also contain professional photographs of the items and information relating to how Mr Price came to the quality and cost of the item.

All valuations are performed on the premises.

For further information regarding this service please contact us.