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Diamonds In Detail

The diamond you purchase has been individually selected by our in-house diamond experts.


We do not have less than an H colour which means the client can be assured that all our diamons are white.

Colours that Trinity Goldsmith offer

Whilst D,E and F grade diamonds are incredibly rare, we have achieved a sizeable range of these white, colourless stones which are available in all weights of diamonds in our showroom.


The clarity of a diamond is graded by the degree of naturally occurring inclusions within the stone. These little characteristics are either present at the formation of the diamond or caused by seismic activity during the thousands of years the diamond spends in the depths of the earth.

Clarity that Trinity Goldsmith offer

We concern ourselves with the clarity of a diamond as inclusions may interrupt the flow of white light into the stone and so affect the refraction of that light as it radiates back out of the diamond. It is after all, all about the sparkle.

We do not stock less than SI2 clarity in our contemporary jewellery meaning our clients can be completely assured that their diamond is eye clean - no marks seen to the naked eye.


The cut grade of a diamond relates to how beneficial the dimensions and finish are to the stone's overall brilliance and lustre as it reacts to light.

Cut that Trinity Goldsmith offer

The only one of the 4 'C's to be dependent on the human hand, the art of cutting a diamond is to release the potential optical properties to maximise refraction and light dispersion.

We endeavour to stock no less than 'good' cut grade diamonds and we have achieved a broad range of triple excellent cut grades in our quest for the very best diamonds for our customers.


The unit of weight of a diamond is known as a carat. One carat weighs 0.2 grams and is divided into 100 points for measuring purposes.

Carats that Trinity Goldsmith offer

Our wide range of contemporary diamond solitaires begin at .10pts and then upward. A particularly popular diamond is .25pt D/IF set in platinum i.e. perfect diamond set in the most precious of metal. In fact, all our diamonds are set in platinum (with platinum or 18ct shanks). With it being the strongest of all precious metals, it offers the greatest security for your diamond.

Gemological Institute Of America

All of our contemporary solitaire rings are certified diamonds. Our three and five stone rings and also our clusters have certified centre diamonds and then the rest are matched by our diamond experts.